Additional benefits under Medicare Supplement Plans

The industry of Medicare Supplement plans has seen a remarkable success after the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, and according to the study Medicare Supplement Plans 2016 covered almost 17 million or around 33 percent of the total Medicare recipients. The Medicare Supplement plans provide option to the seniors or retirees to get their private health care plans unlike single and rigid perks structure of Original medical security which is directly controlled by the federal government via Centers for Medicare (CMS) and Medicaid Services.

A lot of researchers have done work regarding the service and efficiency of mechanism of health insurance Supplement Plans and Medicare Fee-For-Service, but in doing so, they ignored additional benefits which health insurance Supplement plans bring and which differentiates these plans.  Find out more at

The studieMedicare supplement plan G 2019s show that many insurers have introduced additional benefits of health insurance Supplement schemes such as gym (fitness programs) in their plans to attract enrollees who love being healthy and fit benefits such as hearing, vision similarly and dental coverage also fall into category of additional benefits of health insurance Supplement schemes. However, organizations like Centers for Medicare (CMS) have said that these additional benefits are only a minor part of Medicare Supplement schemes.  Majority of additional benefits of Medicare Supplement schemes are of great importance to sick enrollees than to healthier ones. As I have mentioned already that health insurance Supplement schemes offer dental care, eye care etc. in addition to calamity of out-of-pocket costs.

Furthermore, additional benefits of health insurance benefit schemes are easily available in places which offer these schemes and great thing about most of them is that they do not charge anything extra (no supplemental premium) for these perks to their beneficiaries and due to this getting these benefits becomes very easy for middle class or even for poor enrollees.

Some other inclusions in the supplemental benefits of health insurance benefit plans could be health insurance Prescription Drug scheme or Part D plan which is offered both in Original medical insurance and in health insurance benefit plans with low charges but only thing which can cause problem is that enrollees should first make sure that whether provider covers their prescription drugs or not because schemes mostly cover only certain drugs. After reading all information which is mentioned above we see that this scheme is designed in such a way to make sure that it provides the benefit to a common senior citizen in an efficient manner.

Humana Medicare Advantage: new horizons in the medical field

Modern times have filled the air with relentless screams about health issues. Is it that, we only have problems and no proper solutions for them? Well, it is time, that the people understand that no more will their problems be unheard. Here in, we will speak about varied Medicare plans so that, no more do the people feel the burden of maintaining a good health at present as well as in future.

Get quotes for Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

A brief introduction to Humana Medicare Advantage:

This plan is basically a medical benefit and a very big advantage for the medically weak people. To describe this plan in a simple sentence, it is basically a drug plan prescription. Depending upon contract renewal, a person can get oneself enrolled in these Medicare plans.

The different types of Medicare Advantage Plans are as follows:

  • HMO Plans or Health Maintenance Organization Plans- In this plan, the clients can only go to doctors and many other hospital providers. However, in case of emergency, the clients have to be referred by their doctors or any other hospital providers so that they can request for a check up under some other physician or doctor.
  • PPO Plans or Preferred Provider Organization Plans- In this plan, if a client goes to a doctor or any physician or any health provider who world under the respective organization, then the client has to pay less. However, in case, the client goes for a check up under any Doctor or a physician or any other health provider outside the network, then he has to pay a large amount which would definitely make the plan expensive.
  • SNPs or Special Needs Plans- In this plan, the working arena is a very restricted one. It does not provide Medicare for everyone. Clients who have both Medicaid and Medicare, those clients who stay in nursing homes or who have some very dangerous chronic medical health issues.
  • PFFs plans or Private Fee for Service Plans- In this plan, the client can go to any Doctor or any physician or any other health care providers until and unless, the company accepts the payment terms and conditions.

Various kinds of Medicare plans have been described with Humana plans coming to the forefront with its the best and the finest features of Medicare. So, the clients can easily select which plan to take up to ensure one’s health in his or her near future.

Pros and Cons of Medicare and Aetna Medicare Supplement

Pros and Cons of Medicare and Aetna Medicare Supplement

People tend to gain information about Medicare when the Annual Enrollment Period (that ranges from 15th October to 7th of December) comes close. If a person is a newbie to Medicare, then he has to make a lot of different decisions. However, for old heads evaluation can be made for healthcare plans and prescription drug coverage.

In this article, we are going to take look at the difference between Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans in terms of their pros and cons. We can think of it as Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare, and your choice will depend upon your needs, and you can make changes if you want to during Annual Enrollment period as well.

Original Medicare coverage

The Original Medicare provides coverage for the following things:

  • Part A: Used for providing coverage for Hospitalization.
  • Part B: To pay fees for doctor visits and hospital equipment.
  • Part D: Provides coverage for prescription drugs and is a stand-alone plan.

Medicare SupplementCoverage

These are also known as Part C plans and are offered by private insurance companies. It consists of many plans such as Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). These plans act as a package which consists of all major things such as Original health insurance Parts A and B and also Part D prescription drug coverage.

Original health insurance pros and cons:

  • One of the best things about Original health insurance is that it does not require its enrollees to only use the in-network doctors and hospitals.
  • The out-of-pocket costs are very high.
  • The usage of Medigap policy can reduce Out-of-pocket costs.
  • The federal government controls this policy.

Medicare Supplementpros and cons

  • Acts as a package which contains all of the major things (Parts A and B along with Part D prescription drug coverage)
  • You find some plans which contain as low as $0 premiums
  • Some plans also offer supplemental benefits such as routine vision, hearing, and dental check-ups and also some fitness programs like gym memberships.

Things you can do during Open Enrollment

  • Convert your Original health insurance into health insurance SupplementPlans.
  • Revert back to Original health insurance.
  • Moving from one plan to another, for example, switch from HMO plan to PPO plan.
  • Enroll in a health insurance prescription drug plan.
  • Fully removing prescription drug plan.

Medicare and Medicare Supplement

According to most of the research studies more and more people are enrolling themselves in the Medicare benefit schemes due to their cool premiums and total health care in a single place. To understand it in a better way you can think of it that 1 in every three enrollees is a member of Medicare Supplementplans. The percentage of Medicare Supplementenrollees has increased dramatically than the 13 percent back in 2004. Let us discuss Medicare Supplementvs. Medicare.  Want to find out more ?  Visit


According to the recent study published by the U.S Government Accountability Office, the ill enrollees of health insurance SupplementPlans who spend massive amounts of healthcare are the ones who are more likely to cancel their enrollment than those who are not sick (healthy). According to another study from Brown University, enrollees of Medicare SupplementPlans are also more likely to stay in low-quality nursing facility than enrollees of Original Medicare.

The healthier enrollees who do not need to visit hospitals or doctors often are at an supplementwith Medicare SupplementPlans because of cheaper premiums of medical security Supplementthan those Part B premiums, Part D Prescription Drug plan, and Medigap policy in Original Medicare. When members of health insurance Supplementschemes get sick then they realize that their plan does not allow them to visit doctor and hospital facility of their choice moreover, they need to get a referral from their primary care doctor to see a specialist in some schemes. Majority of the medical security benefit Plans bound their members to only use services of in-network service providers, therefore; this requirement mostly drives sick patients to remove their enrollment.

Private insurance companies provide health insurance benefit plans. Therefore, every health insurance benefit plan has its own monthly premium, and some of health insurance Supplementplans have premiums as low as $0 per month.

Good thing about health insurance benefit plan is that when someone enrolls in it even then, they still have their Original Medicare and have to pay usual monthly premium of Part B.

Policies of plans mentioned above differ from each other. Moreover, a plan which is offered by one company might have different costs and terms and conditions in another insurance company. On one hand, health insurance benefit Plans have their disadvantage, but on other hand, these plans offer a range of choice to all sorts of people to choose plan which fulfills their needs.

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